Saturday 21 July 2012

Doled up on the Back Streets

Dole is one of those places that even Wikipedia finds hard to say much about. Lying on the Doubs River, in the Jura region of eastern France, it has a quaint centra ville with lovely old buildings, canals, places for coffee and not much else – except cars.

They were assembled in a parking lot on the edge of town, scores of them driven by cool young dudes who watched their rivals as they competed for noisiest sound system, flashest air brush paint job and possibly – lowest ground clearance in a street legal car. The young men in turn were watched by young women, attracted by the noise and the excitement. Suddenly, Dole was a cool place to be. 
Dole - population 25,000
Dole - Car Heaven

Canal side snapshot
Lowest Ground Clearance
Flower Child
Scene Stealer

For the family who has everything
and needs somewhere to put it.

Dole - Sunday Quietude

Something for Everyone

Give us a Break

And the winner is - this reworked Toyota Celica 1.8 1995 with 109,00 km on the clock had to be a contender. For sale: E15,000.

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