Monday 16 July 2012

Communication Breakdown

“Kia Ora, good morning, this is your captain speaking. On behalf of myself and the crew I’d like to welcome you on this flight – destination uncertain. As you may be aware, communications with the ground have been limited recently. This was due to a lack of convenient wifi hotspots in German airspace. Our engineers believe they have rectified the problem and we hope to be able to inform readers of our whereabouts on a more regular basis from here on.”
The Captain on behalf of himself and the stoker.
Current Location: Regensburg, Bavaria, Southern Germany
Distance travelled from Bridgwater, Somerset, United Kingdom: 2,510 km
Longest Day: 93.7 km
Flat Tyres: 8 (none since tyres replaced)
Bottoms’ Status: (Agony = 0, Bliss = 10) Judy 7.5, Mike 8.5
Gothic Splendour
Black Wedding Dress at Cathedral

Gothic Splendour
Regensburg Cathedral
Friends Maria and Jan with whom we
spent a terrific weekend in Regensburg
Jan and Maria take the
Beast of Bridgwater for a test run


  1. Fantastic to hear you're still alive. The general feeling at work was that you'd been kidnapped by gypsies and forced to write press releases for them.


  2. Eeyy, we didn't negotiate about any price yet for publishing our faces! Mmh, for two pics we can offer you some discount.

  3. Yay Dad and Judy so good to hear from you - I agree with Kyle though, thought you had been kidnapped! Hopefully we can catch up soon via phone or skype or something! xx


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