Sunday 2 September 2012

Curiosity - The Traveller's Companion

Current Location: Korcula Island, Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

Curiosity – The Traveller’s Companion
By Judy - the Stoker

Travelling comfortably takes practice. Here,
Judy has settled in at a campground at Split.
An abandoned orange flotation device is being
used as a doormat for the tent, Judy is sitting
in a chair we've retrieved from a rubbish bin
and repaired with cord, she's clutching a purple
swimming aid someone has abandoned and on 
the left of the picture is a wooden plank we are
using as a makeshift shelf for the stove.
I was drawn to Anne Mustoe’s sentiment in her book ‘Lone Traveller’ of her second world cycling journey alone – that nothing on a travelling journey is as comfortable as life is at home but travelling contentedly can be achieved whilst trying to lead a normal life in often unusual circumstances.

"Our bay" - Korcula Island
Korcula Island

The most uncomfortable part of cycling and camping each night is being at the mercy of the weather. There is no door of your home to close at night and shut out the cold, heat, rain or thunderstorms. Nor is there much shelter during the day. And ‘weather’ we certainly have had – cold and rain in England, Brittany and other parts of France, Germany and Austria, many thunderstorms, relentless sun and now high temperatures.

"our tent ... which is shaded all day under dense trees."
  Mostly we have been able to shelter from the worst of the storms and rain thanks to a good tent, and whilst writing this, we are holidaying from cycling in glorious weather on Korcula Island in Croatia, with crystal clear water paces from our tent, which is itself shaded all day under dense trees.
"Our bay"

In the space provided by stopping and resting, I’ve realised, we are finding contentment in the travelling. 

We are learning a few tricks along the way to help. 

Korcula - old town
For example, we occasionally get a hotel room, every day we make sure we enjoy a coffee break or two in shady cafes, and we are fussy about where we pitch our tent – close to the amenities and in an attractive spot. As the stress and tiredness of packing up our working lives and home has left us, curiosity has long replaced worries and concerns and is a wonderful travelling companion. In Korcula Island which is so dry, where on earth do they get their water from? It’s taken me days to find out but in the end an English speaking local told me it’s piped from the mainland. OK, there’s that answer but everywhere we go, there are so many other questions I’d like answers to.

Curiosity is indeed an absorbing travel companion.

Curiosity - we didn't knoew her name until our friend Heather in England noticed the picture on the blog. She says" I think that big square rigger might be the Royal Clipper, the world's biggest tall ship, used commercially for cruising and designed on one built in the early 20th century." Thanks Hev.


  1. Judy & MIke,
    I have been following the blog for weeks. A friend from CHC has sent me the link. I think it's great that you are traveling with a tandem in Europe and wish you many happy hours on the B17 or elsewhere.


  2. Hello you two. I think that big square rigger might be the Royal Clipper, the world's biggest tall ship, used commercially for cruising and designed on one built in the early 20th century. Your blog really cheers me up, and is inspiring. Great photos, great observations on your trip of a lifetime.
    Hev xx

  3. It's so delightful to follow your travelling, especially with curiosities. Enjoy!

  4. Hey there Mike and Judy,

    Its Meredith & Debbie here, we are currently travelling in Croatia with our daughters. Here now in Split and heading down the coast to Dubrovnik on the 15th to the 20th.... for our BIG birthday celebrations.... Wondering if you are anywhere close enough to arrange a rendezvous.... How wonderful that would be!!


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