Sunday 13 May 2012

How to Change your Life in 45 Minutes

As the train hurtles into Somerset, our excitement increases. We're now just hours away from taking possession of our tandem. And we know one of two scenarios will come true - either we have made

a dreadful mistake or we are embarking on a
wonderful shared adventure.
Sam the Man in Sydney
The decision to change our lives - to buy a tandem and go adventuring - is based on the flimsiest of trials. We hired one in Devonport, Auckland, one sunny winter's afternoon and rode it backwards and forwards past the moored yachts on the waterfront. It wasn't an auspicious start. We couldn't even get moving without minor drama. As we attempted to push off, Judy on the back yanked at her handlebars with such force that she pulled them out of alignment. Oblivious on the front, I mounted the bike and attempted to slide onto my seat only to have a handlebar end attempt to slide its steel shaft into a certain part of my anatomy. We regrouped, twisted the handlebars back into place and tried again. Lesson one: the person on the back doesn't steer. Relax and leave it to the joker on the front.
The rest of the ride went better, until we became bored and retired to a cafe for coffee and cake - the hired tandem propped against a nearby post so we could admire it.
All that seems a long time ago now. We've quit our jobs, moved out of our house, said goodbye to family and friends and flown half way around the world to where our very own, brand new tandem awaits us.

For the past few days we've been enjoying stopoffs in Sydney and Abu Dhabi, and a stay with friends in London.

Merran at Mangawhai, Northland with Judy and friend Grace
Judy with Janice and Roger in London
Two of the Brockie brothers, Hokianga
Tarzan Tai at Leigh, Northlanf
Sam and Agi, Sydney
Judy astride the Meridian Line, Greenwich, London
Jack makes a spectacle of himself, Poole, England
Judy's favourite - Regents \park, London
Shirley in her garden, Umawera, Hokianga
Some of the clan at Leigh, before we left. Judy, brother Mark, sister Sarah, Tai and brother-in-law Ross
Night out in Sydney
Judy and friend Alison at the Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi
Sky scrapper reflections, Abu Dhabi
Judy pauses in an Abu Dhabi furniture store that specialises in the colourful.
Jet ski, Abu Dhabi. A place of contrasts.
Relaxing on a waterborne ride, Abu Dhabi high rises in the background
Wow, what an exhibition. Leonardo da Vinci, the Anatomist, at the Queen's Gallery, London.

Jack gets friendly with Lord Baden Powell - founder of the boy scout movement


  1. Great to get an update. You should have your new baby by now and like all parents love here deeply.

    We drive to Auckland this after noon and fly out midnight. We have 2 weeks in UK with a car visiting friends and relations then fly to Zurich where the biking begins.

    I'll send you a link to our blog when I get it up and running. A job for the airport and plan. We can then keep an eye on each other and maybe able to connect on the continent.

    Take care Brian & Sue

  2. Fantastic to get this next update and with such wonderful photos. Dianne and I have photos of us at same Mosque...what abject wealth can buy! Beautiful! We're off to Wgtn tomorrow for Fi's grad & b'day 16th May. And our Silver Wedding Anniv 2 days did that happen? I'm sure it's only half that time. Enjoy your next adventures together! Love, best wishes for a great time, and hugs
    Lesley and Alasdair

  3. Great to see you both made it safe and sound. Good luck, and we look forward to all your updates and blogs. Gone a little bit Feral ??? TB

  4. Very exciting to be following you guys! Great update and photos. I've been very busy moving to my new apartment and new office, so missed wishing you luck before you left, but I'm right there with you, in spirit, now! See you, and the baby, on the blog again soon. Hugs and love, Melanie xx

  5. Good luck Mike and Judy on your trip.
    I loved seeing you and having a holiday with you, I will miss you lots. I will be reading or your blogs.
    Love you lots from Jack x

  6. Nice photos Mike&Judy! It was such pleasure to meet yu before take off and I'm glad to see so far you are doing great!
    Enjoy the ride and whatever comes with it x

  7. Great to read folks. Seems the moment of the obligatory glass of red wine in the shade with the bike propped up against the wall is coming closer and closer :-)

    You have an avid fan base back here in not-so-sunny Auckland, so looking forward to more blogs.


  8. Hi

    I learnt how to subscribe at last, so now I don't have to Google the "Too old to work .." line to find you. You'd think I'd be a bit more onto it.

    I'm still looking for photos of your baby. We need uphill action shots before I'll really believe it.

    Steve Y

  9. Hi

    I learnt how to subscribe at last, so now I don't have to Google the "Too old to work .." line to find you. You'd think I'd be a bit more onto it.

    I'm still looking for photos of your baby. We need uphill action shots before I'll really believe it.

    Steve Y

  10. Elizabeth Puranam27 May 2012 at 02:18

    Love your leisure, Brockie and Judy xo Liz


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