Saturday 18 July 2015

Heatwave Strikes Ireland

Current Location: Fermoy, County Cork
Distance this Trip: 2,734 km
Coldest Day's Ride This Trip: 16 July, 56 km from near Dungarvan to near Youghal.

A one day heat wave threatened to melt southern Ireland today. The temperature soared to 18 degrees C, the sun shone all day, and two cyclists were forced to peel off their merino wool tops for the first time in a week.
The day before southern Ireland's heatwave and this cyclist is wearing a waterproof jacket, leggings and overshoes.

Waterproof leggings and overshoes were stuffed away in panniers and the Irish flocked to the beaches at Tramore and Clonea Bay where they paddled, swam and picnicked.
Testing the water at Clonea Bay. The Irish are a hardy lot.

The cyclists - still not convinced summer had arrived - sat on the beach in their fleece jackets and ate fish and chips in an attempt to ward off what they perceived as a cool breeze.
Fish n chips and a heatwave - of sorts.

Afterwards, they admitted it had been a perfect day, cycling along the coast road with views out to the Celtic Sea. Even the hills were rideable.
Hardly any traffic, rideable hills, perfect cycling.

The cyclists began by doing a good turn for two men stranded on the roadside with three large dogs.

"Couldn't borrow a cellphone could we? asked one of them.

"Our mate has just left us here. Don't know what's the matter with him. I think he's crazy in the head".

Judy passed over her cellphone and a rescue call was made.

"Thanks a lot. I'll pray for you. You're good lads," one of the men said, leaving Judy wondering if she had forgotten her lipstick.
On the beach at Annestown.

At Bunmahon an elderly couple offered to make coffee when they learned the cyclists were waiting for the only cafe to open at 11 am. The offer was declined with thanks, before the cyclists perched themselves at a table at the cafe in the sunshine - not too hot, not too cold, just right.
Hanging out among the gravestones at Bunmahon, where the church has been turned into a cafe and tourist office.

The cafe was in an old church - repurposed as a tourist information office - and staffed by at least four women, one of whom was a Finnish student on work experience. She chatted to the cyclists but eventually it became clear she was less interested in them, and more interested in an excuse to stand outside and soak up the sun's rays.

Finland was cold she told them, but at least the houses were built to be warm, unlike those in Ireland. She hadn't been warm since she arrived. 
On the road, heading west from Tramore - hardly a cloud in the sky.

The cyclists resumed their journey west along the coast, but decided it was too nice to spend the day clocking up kilometres. At the first campground they turned off, put up the tent and spent the afternoon at the beach.

The forecast for tomorrow is summed up in two words - rain, wind.
It's not called the Emerald Isle for nothing.

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  1. Recognised the beach at Annestown...The heat goes on when you get involved in a' lockin' at a pub in Galway...prepare to take of the merino and sing!

    Keep pedalling...pedallers ...sounds like peddlers-hmm old English term for some Irish peoples so take care - actually I think one must use the term "travellers' now as 'gypsy' and 'peddler' are considered degrading! Keep peddling/showcasing merino. "Begorrah 'tis hot I'll have t'strip off me NZ merino!" We are counting on you now the milk price has dropped to an unheard of low.
    take care


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